Established in 2013, FERRARI ZÖCHLING was founded by Austrian born fashion designer Romana Zöchling. Since her graduation from Hetzendorf, in association with the Art University Linz, she has produced bi-annual fashion collections in collaboration with diverse, viennese artists such as Marianne Vlaschits, Katharina Höglinger, Denise Rudolf Frank and many more, bestowing every collection with a unique fingerprint, keeping the output fresh and exciting.

By creating artistic collaborations that blur the lines between fashion and art the label has become an inspiring hub for photographers, artists and other creatives. Zöchlings use of radiant colors, coupled with expressive prints go hand in hand with clear-cut, flowing silhouettes that imbue the wearer with a sense of weightlessness. The garments of FERRARI ZÖCHLING strike a balance between being contemporary and empowering, yet retaining a quirky, playful and effortless quality.